Introduction: Frankencheer

In this instructable I will show the steps to turn an average cheerleader into an undead monstrosity Using Arc Photostudio.

Step 1: And Go

First select your base image, here we have a blonde cheerleader, next decide on the physical alterations you want. open a second image and using the lasso tool select and cut out the desired area. Then paste your selection into the base image. This will make a new layer.
manipulate this layer into place with the transform tool resizing and rotating it to fit the base image. repeat this step with any additional parts.

Step 2: Minor Surgery

If you have trouble making a piece fit select an area from the base image and paste it over as a new layer. In this case the skirt and right leg needed to be altered. Now using the eraser tool remove any unwanted overlap. At this point you will want to save your file. Now merge your layers Into a single image Using the Smudge tool and the Clone tool (the 2 sheep icon) to blend all the parts until they look contiguous.

Step 3: A Stitch in Time

Now using the line tool set at a width of 2 and a crimson color cut gashes into the image. Once this is done set the line tool to a width of 1 and change to color to grey. Now make stitches over the gashes.

Step 4: Embossing

Now use the lasso to select the stitched areas one at a time. once an area is selected go to the toolbar and click effects, and select emboss. Make sure you set the color to original and the depth to 1. Make the direction match the lighting of the original image.

Step 5: Isolation and Color

Now isolate the image from the background using the selection tools. Now IN the tool Bar click on enhance and select Hue and saturation. I've given her skin a pale greenish cast, for a classic look. Now Click on the enhance menu again and open Brightness/Contrast. You may need to play with this a bit to get the look you want.Do the same for her outfit as well if you like.

Step 6:

Now select the entire cheerleader and copy/paste her onto a more interesting background. and add some details. Using the Paint brush white out her eyes and put some transparent red around the edges for depth. Now select one of the textured brushes and with a transparent crimson give her skin some post mortem bruising. Here I,ve also changed her costume color and dirtied it up using the same steps with the skin.

Step 7: Its Alive!

Finally I changed her hair a bit with Brightness and contrast. Under Layer in the tool bar select soft edge at a setting of 2 or 3, and the edit should blend into the background. now merge the layers and save as a Jpeg and your done. Isn't she lovely?

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    i don't think my wife is a fan of the additional cleavage, lol