Introduction: Frankenegg

now my second instructable i'll show you how to make a "BiHoliday" decoration

Step 1: Supplies

one pink easter egg
ong green easter egg
sharpie marker(s)
any liquid glue

Step 2: The Brain

First take the TOP part of the pink egg and trim it as shown

Then fit it in the to the TOP of the green egg and trim if needed

once fitted in, glue the inside of the Bottom half of the green egg

place the pink part in the glue around outside edges

Step 3: Artwork

Finally add the details



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    7 Discussions

    This is really Nice! Maybe instead you can use some thing squishy like putty to give it that brainy effect! ~Shifrin

    Nice job, I might do this with a real egg with a Sharpie pen and stuff.. then when it breaks or rots, real "stuff" will come out of the "brain of the egg." ;-)

    the only thing you need now is... leds inside... this is truly awsome

    1 reply

    well your welcome to modify it as you wish

    COOL!, but it would be cooler if you'd put it on a real egg, :-D.