Frankenstein Night Light

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About: I started sand carving glass about a year ago. It didn't take long to start adding LEDs to light things up. I knew I found my calling when I made my first back lit mirror memorial. To see the look on someone...
Frankenstein Night Light
This project took about an hours time and cost $2.95.
I found this LED night light at a local W**m**t and figured I could do better than the boring round piece of plastic they had shoved into it.
My 1st step is the artwork. I am presently using Corel Draw X4 to create vector drawings that I can send to my Graphtec CE5000 vinyl cutter which instead of printing the image it cuts the vinyl.
The image I selected took about 30 seconds to cut on the CE5000.
Once cut, the weeding process begins. Weeding is the act of removing vinyl. Any vinyl removed will allow me to sand blast the acrylic allowing light to light up the areas that were blasted. In the green and white pictures of the vinyl above, anything white has been weeded out.
After the weeding is done I apply the solid piece of vinyl I created to a 1/4" pc of acylic and cut the shape out on my band saw.
Then apply the Frankenstein image to the the other side. I didn't worry about the edges of the acrylic since it will all be blasted smooth.

Step 1:

Once Sand blasted I remove the vinyl by soaking in hot water and peel off.
Stick the blasted piece into the slot of the LED night light base and enjoy.

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