Frankenstein Led Magnifying Glass

My diy frankenstein magnifying glass
I just made this because i thought...that would be cool. Lets try.

Step 1: Parts

for this frankenbuild i used the following parts.

1x small magnifying glass
1x smd tactile button
1x button cell holder
2x white smd leds.

Step 2: Harvesting the Smd Leds

You can buy your leds, but i only need 2 so that would be an expensive thing.
I had a small piece of led strip lying around. So i got the leds from a small 5cm piece.

Step 3: Soldering.

After you got them of the led strip i got some wire and soldered om the leds. Remember, there is a litte notch on the leds that marks the negative side. After soldering test the led.

Step 4: Assembly of the Frankenbuild.

Glue the leds in the edge. i used super glue at first. Didn't work so i used hot glue. Get the wires through the holes. If you dont have any holes...drill them.
solder your wires in the smd switch and battery holder. Use hot glue to glue everything and presto.

Step 5: Finished Frankenstein Magnifying Glass.



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