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Here is a fun idea for a centerpiece at your next Halloween party! I saw this done at a friend's Halloween party a few years ago and it just popped into my head recently and I was like Yes! I must make one this year!

Frank (the watermelon) will last about 3-5 days if wrapped properly and kept in the fridge so it is easy to make a few days before your party!

It is a bit time consuming but is so much fun especially if you and your friends carve it together. I know it may not look exactly like a brain but this is Frank and he is a beautiful watermelon brain and I hope that you appreciate and love him!

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment


- 1 whole watermelon


- Large, small knives

- vegetable peeler

- chopping boards

Step 2: Peel the Green Skin Off of the Watermelon

Holding the watermelon very carefully so it does not roll around use either your small knife or vegetable peeler to take off the main green skin off of the watermelon. This is very time consuming and hard to start off but once you get a few good chunks of skin off it becomes easy. (It give you time to make up a story for your watermelon)

At this stage my story was. This is Frank he was a lonely watermelon who never felt right in his skin. He wanted to fit in with all the other Halloween things but no one took him seriously....... (to be continued)

Step 3: Cut the Base of the Watermelon

Once you have taken the majority of the skin off the watermelon (Frank) make a flat base for the watermelon by cutting the flattest part of the melon off. Continue to take any green 'veins' of the melon off to make it white (like brain white matter).

The story continues...

A few days before Halloween Frank was found by man called Dr. Frankenstein and he followed the man home because he heard he was an amazing guy who could help anyone. (to be continued)

Step 4: Cut Grooves/ Patterns the Brain

Once all the green has been removed from your watermelon (Frank), with your small knife cut shallow grooves out of the brain. Make the first cut down the center of the watermelon to separate the halves of the brain.

When making the cuts gently peel the sliced pieces out without damaging your patterns the first few patterns may be a bit funny but it doesn't matter because once you do more carving you will find it easy and can fix any mistakes later. If you really want it to look like a brain maybe print off a picture of a brain off the internet to copy.

The story continues....

Dr. Frankenstein talked to Frank and said he would gladly help him feel more scary. He spent the whole night sewing Frank a new outfit and choosing the right make up for frank. He would turn into a scary brain....(to be continued)

Step 5: Prepare Your Centerpiece

Cover your brain in plastic wrap (if not serving the day of making) and refrigerate the melon until your party/ when you are going to serving it. Add a knife or something 'scary' on the brain for decoration and serve. (I chose a large knife (don't worry no kids were able to reach it) because it looked a bit scary but also the knife was conveniently located to cut the melon when we wanted to eat it.

The final chapter...

Frank was ecstatic when he had his brain costume on. He couldn't thank Dr. Frankenstein enough! Frank went to the Halloween party among all the pumpkins and chocolate covered strawberry ghosts (See my other recipes) and scared all of them as he looked like a perfect and scary brain with a knife in his head. The End!

(I hope none of that was awkward or scarring)

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    Frank, I must say, after seeing these're my type of melon. I'm going to creep my mom out with this one. Well done.

    1 reply

    3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for all the comments :D I'm going to be adding a video link for a how to in a few days

    Just4Fun Media

    3 years ago

    That is a very creative and practical centrepiece! How long did it take to peel and carve?

    Have a great day and a happy Halloween! :-)

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    3 years ago

    Looking Fabulous