Frayed Ribbon Necklace




Introduction: Frayed Ribbon Necklace

This adjustable necklace design features a double-strand section of silk dupioni ribbon that will fray with wear until it is lively and fringed. The assorted shapes and bright colors are happy and cheerful, but the design could also be made with muted ribbon and a less eclectic bead assortment for a more restrained look.

- 2-16 inch pieces of peacock silk dupioni ribbon, 3/4 inches wide
- 2 antique brass Basket Weave Ribbon End Bars, 1/2 inch
- 5 inches of antique brassReally Round Cable Chain, 5x6 mm links
- 11 antique brass Rectangle Jump Rings, 9x12 mm
- 12 antique brass Headpins, 1 1/2 inch
- 12 assorted Elaine Ray Ceramic Beads, 6-25mm
- 24 antique brass Teeny Weeny Posey Caps, 6mm
- 1 antique brass Spring Clasp, 12 mm

- Scissors
- Round nose pliers
- Chain nose pliers

Step 1: Add Endbars to Ribbon

Place the very end of both pieces of ribbon inside one of the ribbon end bars. Using the chain nose pliers flatten the end bar until it is closed securely on the ribbon. Repeat with the remaining end bar on the other end of the ribbons.

Step 2: Make Posey Dangles

Thread a head pin through a posey cap and then through one of the ceramic beads. Add a second posey cap and then use your round nose pliers to wrap the head pin and form a wrapped loop. Repeat with all beads and posey caps until you have 12 bead dangles.

Step 3: Add Chain to Ribbon

Using your chain nose pliers to open the links separate a four-link section of chain. Set aside. Open the end link on the longer section and thread it through the loop on one of the ribbon end bars. Close the chain link securely. Open the link on the other end of this section and thread it through the loop on one of the smaller bead dangles. Close securely.

Step 4: Add Clasp

Attach the remaining section of chain to the necklace in a similar manner. Attach the spring ring clasp by opening the link at the end of the chain section with your chain nose pliers. Close securely.

Step 5: Add Bead Dangles to Ribbon

Use your chain nose pliers to open one of the rectangular jump rings. Thread the ring through one of the bead dangles and then around the ribbon strands. Close securely. Repeat using remaining jump rings and bead dangles until all beads are attached to the necklace.

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