Freddie Spaghetti

Introduction: Freddie Spaghetti

My husband and I were out of town for Halloween this year and didn't get to dress up, but I did have some fun dressing up my dog Freddie!

I present: Freddie Spaghetti!

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Step 1: Start With a Tshirt

Start with an existing tshirt - I used one of his old tshirts (giraffe print) that sadly is falling apart.  

Step 2: Make the Spaghetti

To make the spaghetti, I simply used an off white yellowish skein of yarn.  I used the end of the yarn skein to weave it through the holes of the shirt with a yarn needle until it was secure.  

Step 3: Add Meatballs

For the meatballs, I crocheted varius sized spheres and stuffed them with fiberfill, then sewed them into the "spaghetti".

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    It is always nice to have a dog that will put up with a costume. I only have one out of 4 that will suffer my daughters costume attempts.