Free 8 Colors Jumper Wires




This is my first instructable and I wanted free jumper cables.
As I am doing electronics for the first time, I must buy everything..
Before my money is gone, I am recycling as much I can.

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Step 1: Let's Go

so let's start.

You need:

Old url cable(lying in a box in the attic)

cable cutter

free time...

First, cut utp cable in pieces.
5, 10, 20 cm long (as needed)

Pull one set of colours out of the utp piece, if necessary with the cutter.

Separate the two colors (white orange and orange in my case)

Strip 1 cm of either side of the wire.

You have many jumper wires for your projects.

please comment if you want


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      4 years ago on Introduction

      Didn't knew that in a LAN cable was such a great amount of JUMPERWIRE! MINGING.... PLEASE WAIT