Free Autumn Sewing Project - How to Make a Primitive Fabric Raggedy Pumpkin

Introduction: Free Autumn Sewing Project - How to Make a Primitive Fabric Raggedy Pumpkin

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This primitive raggedy pumpkin will add charm to your Thanksgiving table.

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Step 1:

For this project you will need:

- eight 18" X 3" strips of different orange fabrics

-fiberfill or stuffing

-a stick from a tree for the stem

-basic sewing needs

-rice or sand

-different autumn trimmings for embellishing your pumpkin

Step 2:

Place two strips of orange fabrics wrong sides together and stitch down one long side using a 1/4" seam allowance. Continue this process until all strips are sewn together in a full circle.

Cut little slits in each seam as shown in the photo. Be careful not to cut into your stitching. Wash the pumpkin in cold/cold and dry on high heat in dryer. This process will help "rag" the pumpkin.

Step 3:

Turn pumpkin wrong side out and do a running stitch around the bottom of the pumpkin circle. Pull the threads tightly to close the circle. Knot the thread.

(optional) Cut a small circle of scrap fabric and either hot glue or hand sew over the center of the closing you just made. (This helps keep the rice or sand from falling out.)

Step 4:

Turn pumpkin pretty side out. Fill up bottom 1/3 of the way with rice or sand. The rice or sand helps make the pumpkin stand up on its own. Fill the rest with fiberfill.  

Step 5:

Do the same running stitch to close up the top of the pumpkin. Before pulling the threads to knot, place the stick in the center.  Add hot glue on the stick to help hold it in place. Pull threads and tie a knot.

Have fun decorating and embellishing your pumpkin with leaves, raffia, baby's breath, moss, or what ever embellishments you would like to put on top.

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