Free Ipad/Android Tablet Stand

Introduction: Free Ipad/Android Tablet Stand

I decided to upload a guide on how to create a free Ipad / Android tablet dock from a metal  folder holder.

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Step 1: Getting the Equipment

Grab a folder holder from the dollar store or any other store.
You will also need a pair or pliers, electric tape and a sharpee or grease pen. 

Step 2: Marking the Area to Be Cut

Sit your tablet on the folder holder and use a sharpee to determine where you are going to cut the metal. I cut mine so it's just below the screen.

Step 3: Cutting the Metal

Use the pliers to cut both sides of the folder holder.

Step 4: Taping Up the Area Where the Rack Is Going to Touch the Tablet

Use the electric tape on the end of the pins that were just cut. You can also use tape on all area where the tablet will be touching the dock. You can alternatively use shrink wrap or other soft material.

Step 5:

You now have a free Ipad / Android tablet stand and you did not have to spend a penny.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! And you can still use it to hold other things as well. It would be nice if the pictures had a bit more light, so readers could see the differentiation between stand and tablet bezel. Otherwise, nice job.