Free Powerful LED Flashlight

About: I am an engineer focused on recycled batteries, electric vehicles and renewable energy. I am always working on engineering projects I can’t stop.

This rechargeable flashlight was built using free material. It is very powerful it uses 23 LEDs and 2 lithium ion used laptop batteries.

Parts needed

Solder board
high power LEDs
Pop bottle
Paper mâché
Wires (i used 22 gauge)
Aluminum foil
2 lithium ion used laptop batteries

Step 1: Building It

Start by soldering all the LEDs on the small board.
I cut the top off the bottle to focus the light. I taped aluminum foil to the outside of the pop bottle to focus the light. I Secured the board in the pop bottle by poking holes and threading wires through them and twisting them together on the outside.

I cut some thin cardboard and taped it around the batteries. I then paper mâchéd this box. I cut a hole for the switch. I then paper mached the bottle cap. I stuck it in the housing.

I then screwed the pop top into the housing. I put the wires through a hole I made in the pop bottle.

Step 2: Wiring

I soldered the LEDs, switch and 2 batteries together. The batteries were connected in parallel. I soldered the wire before the switch and left it exposed, I covered all other wire joints with shrink tubing.

Step 3: Using the Flashlight

The light is very powerful and lights up an entire room.

Step 4: Charging

It is easy to connect alligator clips to the + and -. You can check the voltage of the batteries and charge them without opening up the flashlight.



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    3 Discussions

    Ah... I was wondering where the LEDs came from. I used to collect a lot of stuff from the garbage, just in case I might be able to use it someday. But I have a habit of just letting it pile up and never using it.

    Thanks for sharing this idea. I probably have some old LED lights around here somewhere, in one of my piles.

    Jeph Diel

    4 years ago

    this is cool but please don't say free not everyone can get 23 leds for free