Free Redneck Shears



About: As being a long term unemployed, because nobody wants to hire anybody with no professional experience here in Spain, I have to tinker how to make stuff without getting broke, for the things that break down, ...

The other day I went back home from a walk around the neigborhood, and I found two pieces of steel that I know it would be useful to me.

I had to cut some sheet metal, because my car didn't pass the MOT because the battery wobbles in the engine bay, and i made a holder for the top, but, the usual shears they always make a "bite" at the end of every cut

And I came this weekend with this! Some fixed shears or whatever name they have using that metal blocks lying around

Step 1: What You'll Need

3 screws and 4 nuts (at least, as the vice will hold the shear, if you want to bolt it anywhere else, it's up to you)

2 blocks of steel

a bar (any kind of metal will be better than wood)

and a wrench to hold everything in place

Step 2: Screw Both Plates

I used two nuts to secure that won't come apart as we open it

Step 3: Add the Handle

Drill your holes first

Step 4: Put in on Your Vise... and Cut!



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