Free Simple DJI Phantom Gimbal Hack




Step 1: Hey Guys,

This is my first instructable so far, and I thought I would do it on something that really had me confused. When I first bought a gimbal of ebay for my dji phantom the gimbal didn't have a brand or instructions. When I first tried out the gimbal it was vibrating through the rubber 'anti vibration' devises which amplified the vibrations!

After a few sleepless nights I worked out the answer which was pretty simple. The second flight the gimbal worked much better

Step 2: How It Works

To stop the vibrations all I did was get some string and tie it around each rubber plug and then around the phantom's leg nice and tight on all of them which reduces the vibrations because it gives the gimbal less room to move around

Step 3: First

What you will want to do first is get some supplies:

Once you have every thing start building!
Start by measuring the string around every rubber plug to the phantom's leg and leave a bit of extra string to tie a knot

Step 4: Second

Once you have measured all of the string start tying all of the string arond the rubber plug to the leg of the phantom

Step 5: Final

Trim excess string and you will be ready to fly! If it doesn't work try tying the string tighter.
If you have any questions please email me @



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    Stephen LEE

    2 years ago

    Thank you for sharing.