Free Sink Snake

Introduction: Free Sink Snake

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This is a pretty easy way to clean out your sinks & tub drain lines before calling a plumber or using toxic chemicals. You will need to find a 5 gallon bucket with the plastic ring still around the lid but usually they are removed when openned so you can find them free at your local paint stores or ask your local painter if he has one he could part with.

*You will need a razor knife to remove strip yourself.

 Photo #1  Plastic strip from bucket

Photo #2  The beginning tab to remove the plastic ring from around the lid of the bucket

Photo #3  The smaller end of the strip is where you will begin.

Photo #4  You will need a razor knife (see above*)

Photo #5  At the smaller or finer end of the strip with a razor knife  NOTE!!( cutting away from yourself or anyone else) slice up word into the end making a Christmas tree end. This will to be able to remove hair & sludge from the lines.

Photo #6  Taking the end you just cut start to guide it down the drain of your sink or tub. Feed until you have about 7" left to hold on to then remove slow tugs so as not to spray your room with drain water. Clean the end into the trash rince off and store under the sink for future use.

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