Free Standing 12v LED Camping Light


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I'm going camping in a
couple of days but the tent I'm using is new and I don't think there are any hanging points so I decided to look in my shed and see what I could make. The bits I found would make a simple free standing LED light that can be used anywhere.

The materials were

20mm plastic electrical conduit

1 coupler

1 tee

1 self adhesive LED strip

1 12v plug and cable

I wont put down any measurements as I just worked with any scrap I could find. First I cut a piece of conduit and fixed a T to one end then a coupler to the other, these were then glued in place. I used a bending spring and formed 2 x 90 degree bends then a 45 degree one they were cut to the required sizes. Two holes were drilled in the T and the inspection plate removed, the two screws from the plate were fitted in the drilled holes. Then the two 90 degree bends were positioned in the T the screws were then tightened to hold them in place.

When not in use the light can be broken for easy transport.



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