Free Up Disk Space Quick and Painlessly


Introduction: Free Up Disk Space Quick and Painlessly

You may nor may not know that Windows saves extra data that takes up Gigabytes of diskspace after a while. You may find that the cons out weigh the pros and if you are tight on Hard Disk Space, you can do this to get the most out of your drive. I did this for my brothers drive that was 2 years old. He had around 10GB free to start and when this process was complete, he had nearly 40 GB Free! See how you can do this by watching this small Tutorial!

Oops At first I forgot to include the Forbes image. Fixed!



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    I always do that but i'm in a really really bad situation because i only have like 900MB on my hard drive!!! o_O I tried everything. My hard drive went down like 10 GB after just one update.Now just have enough to keep the computer running. :(

    I usually turn off restore, I've never seen it help any. Plus if you really want to clean up temp files go get ccleaner at It has registry repair and startup tools also

    Possibly the only thing more annoying than computer generated speech is when it is sped up. Otherwise, how long does it take to scan the drive?

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    It depends... It took me around 5 seconds. I was expecting more, since the last time I did it, It took around 3 minutes.