Free Female USB Connectors.





Introduction: Free Female USB Connectors.

This isn't an instructable to actually make a female USB connector, but to get them out of a PS/2 to USB connector (those delivered with about every USB mouse and keyboard)

Some steps might be obvious but I try to include as much tips as possible to make it easier. 

Step 1: What You Need

You only need a PS/2 to USB connector (the little blocks delivered with every keyboard, mouse and computer). 
If you don't have one lying around, try asking any of your friends (especially if they recently bought a new computer, keyboard or mouse). Usually companies or schools will have them lying around so try there also. 

You will also need an exacto knife (or similar sharp knife). I find the blade pictured the easiest to use. I also used a sturdier blade later. 

Step 2: Cutting the Converter Block

Cut the block along the visible seams on the sides. 
Don't rush this, if you press too hard all you'll do is break your blade. 

Barely press on it the first few cuts, so you have a guide for the next cuts. 
After a few cuts, you can press a bit harder but make sure your blade isn't bending. If it is, there's a high chance that it will break or try to turn. 

It might not be obvious when you're through, as there's plastic on the inside also. Try to pry the edge apart if you're not sure if you cut deep enough. 

When you're all through on both sides, the outer plastic will come apart pretty easily. It might be glued in place, but it didn't require too much force to get it off for me. 

Step 3: Separating the Female USB Connector

You will see the PS/2 and USB connector now, connected by some plastic with wires running through it. 
You can cut it in half (about the middle should work) and proceed, or just go on without cutting it in half first. The plastic is quite soft and I didn't seem to have trouble getting through the wires either. 

With a bit of luck, you can pull the plastic right off the female USB port (the case for the purple block). You just need to cut off any wires that stay on. 

If it doesn't come right off, cut along the edge of the USB connector all the way to the pins. I recommend the sturdier exacto blade here.
Then, by pushing your blade in from the side, cut over the top and bottom of the pins (the plastic on that one being semi clear helped a lot).
Do the same thing on the sides of the pins (just all the way left and right, no need to cut inbetween the pins) and the ends of the pins. 

Now, most of the plastic should come right off, leaving a bit of it between the pins. You can just pry that out of there. 

Now you're left with a female USB connector to use as you wish. 

Step 4: Wiring of the Connector.

This website should help you figure out how to wire the USB connector:



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    24 Discussions

    i have a plus and minus how to conext them into female usb

    USB's have genders!

    Did you make sure you cut all the way through the sides? You need a pretty sharp knife to properly cut through it.

    ima gamer too, strange that it dosnt work with your stuff... sorry :( waists a usb slot :(

    I got a G19 keyboard (with LCD screen) and gamer mouse with extra buttons and DPI setting. so it's not just standard keyboard and mouse ;)

    If it didn't come with it, then it probably won't work. The keyboard has to be designed to handle it properly, in the controller.

    Got a simple question: There are 4 pins in an USB, right? I would guess two provide data transfer and two provide power. Does anyone know which is power and which is data transfer, as well as which is positive and which is negative?

    4 replies

    if you look closely, you will notice i drew in the colors on the picture. where each color line is, that represents the metal clip/pin................................ red is pos............ black is ground................... white (blue in the drawing) is data+........................ green is data- hope this helps..


    In step 4, I gave a site pointing out what goes where. The outer 2 are data pins, however you'll have to look at the picture to see where positive and negative go. It doesn't matter what picture you take (cable/device) because if you turn the connector around it's the same as the other one.

    Not free but I needed some female USB connectors in a hurry and found them for 2/$1 at Dollar Tree in a 12V to Dual USB charger. The housing snapped apart and then you can just de-solder the connectors. Next time, I'll have to dig around for some old PS2-USB connectors.

    2 replies

    Yeah, a lot of stuff has female USB connectors in it. The purpose of this instructable was showing a source for them that most people already have (that's why it's free ;)) but don't directly think about.