Free From Damage Headphone Hanger

Introduction: Free From Damage Headphone Hanger

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I wanted somewhere to hang my wireless headphones at my desk.
Something that I did not have to drill or be permanent. I do not have a lot of space on my desk. Therefore, I came up with using a damage free hanger. 

Step 1: Follow the Instructions

I choose a black hanger to match my monitor. I followed the instructions:

Clean the surface where I wanted to attach the hanger, remove one side of the adhesive strip, press the adhesive strip against hanger, and peel off the other side of the adhesive strip, and press the hanger to surface.

Step 2: Not the Most Intense

Even though it is not the most intense project, I wanted to share it anyway. I first looked to see if this project/instructables was already out there, but the only thing I saw was a cool sugra version. I hope you find it useful; perhaps you can use it for other applications.

To remove it just slide the hanger up exposing the adhesive strip and remove the adhesive strip by pulling straight down.

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