Free IPod Touch Dock





Introduction: Free IPod Touch Dock

All the parts you need come with the iPod and it is very easy to construct. Basically, you cut a hole in the box and put the dock adapter in the hole.

You can also make a dock for other iPods but you would have to make your own template. If you do, post your template.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

iPod Touch Retail Box (just the top)
iPod Touch Dock Adapter
iPod Touch USB Cable

Single Sided Tape
Double Sided Tape

Hole Template

Matte (or X-acto) Knife
Ruler or Marked T-Square

Step 2: Prep Box

1. Tear out foam inside the box
2. Print template (the PDF)
3. Cut out template
4. Center template on box (4 cm from the left and right side, 3.2 cm from the top and bottom)
5. Tape template to box (the long flat side of the template is the front)
6. Cut out hole
7. Cut out small hole in the center of the bottom edge of the back side of the box for the USB cable

Step 3: Place Dock Adapter in Hole

1. Place double sided tape on back of dock adapter
2. Place dock adapter in hole

Step 4: Attach Cable

1. Tape USB Cable into place (the gray logo faces front)
2. Place USB into notch in the back

Step 5: Place IPod in Dock

1. Run USB cable out the whole on the back of the box
2. Attach USB port to computer
3. Place iPod in dock



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101 Discussions

Yes I also got my iPod 5 in a plastic box:(

Hi... my iPod touch didn't come with a box like yours, it came with a clear hard plastic box (like the nanos do). Will I still be able to make a stand out of what I have?

1 reply

This is what the box looked like:

I did the same thing but with the plexiglass type case for my nano. I spray painted the inside of the top cover black so from the outside its a glossy-black finish. its awesome

1 reply

Please post pics! I got that same box for my iPod touch. I was wondering how to make a stand out of that box!

You are talking about this, right?

Ummmm my conector wouldnt fit through the hole in the bottom of the adapter (white plastic thing). Is it sposed to be like that or is something wrong with mine??

2 replies

same here.. anyone know why or how to get it pass the whole or is it supposed to be like that?

I thought the same thing at first. Only the metal part is supposed to stick through. you could tape it to the dock to make it not fall when takign the ipod off, but i hot glued mine to the dock. the metal part reachs the ipod, so dont worry about it not reaching the female end of the ipod.

Oh so that's how to use the dock! I was sitting there for ages trying to work out how to stand the thing up: I thought apple would send you a dock that didn't require any DIY! (I have a 120gb classic by the way)

I just got my 2nd gen IPT : and this really was nice to have : i actually grabbed some extra cardboard and sorta did a Pyramid shape outside the box for effects so its stood out nice (will post a pic once my camera is fixed) overall this is a nice idea, and of coarse, very efficient :D