Free Magnetic Gopro Mount





Introduction: Free Magnetic Gopro Mount

A magnetic Gopro mount can be really useful for a lot of footage, as for exemple car footage. I propose a DIY to make it almost for free and in two minutes. The hardest part is to find a magnet strong enough to support the Gopro's weight

Step 1: What You Need and Assembly

You will need a old hard drive and a Gopro pad.

First open the hard drive and remove all the component. You will see the discs and the reading head. To sweep the reading head above the disk the hard drive uses the Lorentz force. That means that you need a electric current (actuators) and a strong magnetic field so strong magnets (see picture). In a hard drive you will get two magnets.

Once you get the magnet, clean it and glue the Gopro pad on the opposite side of the magnet.

You are done.

if you need it, you can add some rubber pad to avoid the Gopro to rotate.



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    great idea! I'll be making mine tonight. I plan to use the display clip the camera came on and some epoxy in order to save my adhesive mounts. (I'm super cheap)

    You can also do it from a strong speaker magnet, I made a tutorial on how to extract a strong magnet from any speaker:

    great! but I suggest you separate the magnet from the metal plate. To do so you only need two pliers and bend that plate. Be careful to not bend the magnet or it will break.

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    I tried to separate the magnet from the plate but it has almost impossible.

    It needs a little practice and patience. I did break the first ones I did, but later I could do even 2.5 disks.

    Sorry I deleted a comment about the safety of the camera on the car and about the car itself.

    the magnet is strong enough to be safe for your camera. If you want to use it or a car i suggest to put a piece of clothe between the magnet and the car and you have to put the magnet really slowly on the car to protect the paint. Do not forget to use a piece of rubber to avoid camera rotation ;)

    Cool! Is it really strong enough to use this as a mount for a car? I mean I don't want to lose a $400 camera and if the magnet is too strong I don't plan to damage the car :)