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Introduction: Free Security Camera/webcam From an Old IOS Device

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Have you ever needed a security camera or webcam? Well, here is a solution, and it FREE, not expensive like everything else. I used my old iPod touch (any iOS device would work) to create my own security camera. It's great for everything from watching over your house, to keeping an eye on the cookie jar.

Unfortunately this is only for iOS devices, as manything (the app I use) doesn't have an android app. If you want to use an android device, go to this instructable by Optimum_Alliance, or this one by depotdevoid.


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Step 1: Downloading the App

First, go to the app store on your iOS device, then search for manything. It should be the first app that pops up. Then download it to your device. This will be needed to stream the video, but you can also watch the stream from another iOS device if you have the app.

Step 2: Setting Up the App

You will first be greeted with the logo, and then the sign in screen. You can either log in, if you already have an account, or sign up. Once you sign in, you should find the screen pictured in the fourth picture, then just click on the camera button. Then you will be brought to the camera screen. You can then from there, click on the gear button in the top right to get more options. From there you can choose your sensitivity, block off areas that you don't want to be pictured, and much more. Once, you are ready, you can click the red shutter button and start the streaming.

Step 3: Tripod/gorilla Pod Mount

I wanted to find a mount that could attach to my gorrilla pod, so I got a nut that was the right size. I then got a small length of pvc pipe, and cut it lengthwise twice (refer to pictures), so my ipod could fit in between. I then drilled a hole in the bottom of the pipe and hollowed it out using a wood carving tool. Then, I glued the nut into the pipe. I then added some duct tape to the pipe to add some padding to it.

Step 4: Other Mounts

There are several other mounts that you can make or buy, you can follow this instructable to make one from a duct tape roll, or this one to make it from an old gift card, the possibilities are endless.

Step 5: Setting Up

Now all you need to do is set up your new security camera. Go to the app on your iOS device and click camera. Then set up your device, pointing it to the area that you want. Another thing to consider is plugging it in to make sure that it doesn't die.

Once everything is all set up then you can click the red button to start the recording.

You can now go to the manything website, log in, and view your camera. If you have the app on another iOS device, then you can tell it to send you notifications when movement is detected. If you don't have another iOS device, then the website automatically saves clips with movement in them. Now, have fun with your new security camera and keep your things safe.

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    3 years ago

    couldn't someone just walk up and take the phone


    5 years ago

    the AtHome app is almost the dame thing but for Android. very easy to use