FreeDNS Update Client for Windows 10 (x32/x64)

Introduction: FreeDNS Update Client for Windows 10 (x32/x64)

This is another quick tutorial for Windows 10 (but is not limited to it, it works on the 8, 7 and the rest too).

I used for a long time the free service of FreeDNS ( ) the problem is that the client from them does not work with Windows 10. It is the client made by Techknow Professional Services ( ). [See image 1 and 2]

Now i started up Visual C++ 2013 and made a updater of my own (yeah you can use a Visual Basic Script aka VBS to do the job too, if you wanna that i wont blame you, check the following link ( ) ). IF NOT CONTINUE READING:

• Login to your account at ( ) go to Dynamic DNS (left menu) or directly at ( )

• At Dynamic DNS, [see image 3] right click on the Direct URL and choose Copy Link Location (Firefox) / Copy Link (Edge) or just cick on it and copy the URL from the address bar of the browser and keep it in clipboard.

• Start the FreeDNSUpdate(x86).exe (for 32 bit Operating System) or FreeDNSUpdate(x64).exe (for 64biy Operating System) it will automatically generate a file called Config.ini with a sample Direct URL address in it, like this (http://, replace the address with your own Direct URL, the one that you keep in your clipboard, save and relaunch the application again.


• That's all, the app has a run single instance feature, you can't run multiple instances of it. I implemented that intentionally because the app has NO INTERFACE, YOU WONT SEE IT RUNNING, you need to open task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and look for the apps name, FreeDNSUpdate(x86).exe or FreeDNSUpdate(x64).exe

• It does not require administrator privileges (no need for Run as Administrator), it works from a normal user account or even limited account (i talk about windows accounts and not FreeDNS account)

I provide a 32bit, FreeDNSUpdate(x86).exe, and a 64bit version, FreeDNSUpdate(x86).exe, and the source code if someone asks for it.

• If you have not the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 here is the link for all platforms ( ) [VC13]

• If you not the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015 here is the link for all platforms ( )[VC15]

• I added a Visual C++ 2015 Version too, i just upgraded to it and wont switch back.


••• If you need the source code or some minor adjustments (don't ask for big stuff, i sadly have not enough free time to make it in a reasonable amount of time) feel free to ask.

••• I wont provide ARM builds for Windows Phone too, if someone wanna make them i will provide the source code. (I don't have a Windows Phone, I hate Windows Phone).

••• I can make a version that does not have the limitation of one instance running if needed.

••• For a multiple DNS records, don't worry, i will make it ASAP with my free time.


I added the multiple DNS records support in version 2 (FreeDNSUpdate_v2(x86)[VC15].exe or FreeDNSUpdate_v2(x64)[VC15].exe) , In the Config.ini file you add the Direct URL's one under the other, each line consist of a single URL. Like the folowing




• How many records ? A infinite number, the only limit is the maximal size of a file (in our case Config.ini).

Version 1 has purple icon.

Version 2 has green icon. This and next versions, if needed will be Visual C++ 2015 and need 2015 Redist.



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    11 months ago

    Hi there,

    Nice DUC but I have to start it after every log off.

    Is some thing wrong on my end?

    I downloaded the version at serial no.2.

    Thanks for the update but there is something I didn't catch in all this. Your application update the Dynamic DNS at what interval and do I have any kind of control over it?

    3 replies

    Update interval 300000ms, that is 5 minutes, it is embedded in the source code but i can make it configurable if you need it, but be aware that a too short update interval can hit a flood protection, anyway if you need this feature tell me and i will implement it ASAP, i got a very demanding job.

    Damn, sorry Neumanngregor, email was lost in spam.

    I thank you for the quick answer though and no, don't need to modify the soft. Actually, 5 minutes makes quite a bit of unnecessary traffic for my need. I went with the VBScript that you pointed at and scheduled within Windows scheduler.

    Thanks again!


    where is the config supposed to get created? It's not getting created in the folder i have FreeDNSUpdate_v2(x64)[VC15].exe in. Win10 Pro

    3 replies

    The config is always created in the same folder as the executable, if it does not apear in your cade it means the application cant write in the folder you put it. There are 2 options for fixing this, change the folder location to somthing like, c:\myapp\ or run it with administrator priviledges only to create the config file, in rest it does not requier write privileges, just read.

    BTW for testing purposes and to get a config, you can run it for the first time on desktop without any special priviledges, then edit the config with your id string, save and then just kill it and move it to another folder. I personaly from windows 7 up just made folder called UTILS in c: and there i put all my portable apps, utils, and stuf that dont use a installer.

    looks like it was getting created, it's just explorer was not refreshing the view. Thanks for the help!

    I've used this client in the past (thank you to TechKnow btw). I installed it today on a fairly new Win10 installation and found it couldn't detect my IP. I had Cyberghost installed, which uses TAP to create a virtual network interface. On a hunch I uninstalled that interface and reinstalled FreeDNS Updater and ... it worked fine. People using things like VirtualBox/VMWare may also run across this problem. I'm emailing TechKnow with a note about this to suggest adding a setting to choose which interface to use, but until then this will be a problem for people who can't uninstall their virtual interfaces.

    3 replies

    Sadly, emailing their listed address ( failed. Given how long it has been since this program has been updated, it probably won't be added. For people having this issue, there is a list of alternate methods here:

    You can always use my client, posted here, it free and can update a unlimited number of accounts with the current ip. It always get your external ip and update it with the url based method. :D

    I personally, on my main computer, have 2 physical network cards build in my main board, a virtual one from hamachi and one from my technisat satellite network card. Cant just disable all, i use them all, but i found a nice and elegant way to dodge the problem you refer too, i obtain my external IP, from an online service like whats my IP, with API method, then i update the freedns service with a call to the direct link URL (it has the IP included) and that is all, works good.

    I added multiple DNS support, aka subdomains suport, this is version 2 and for easy useing it has green icon.

    ADDENDUM: the updaters for no-ip and dyndns are working well with Windows 10.