Freehand 3D Instructable Robot

Introduction: Freehand 3D Instructable Robot

If you are like me, you have a list of what you perceive to be really cool projects but either do not have the time, money, parts, or motivation at any given time to do them. My list is rather long. However, When I saw the Instructable Robot Contest, I decided to put them all aside and just do something with the familiar icon

Step 1: Freehand. . . Sort-of

I do not have a 3D printer. I'm still saving up for a good one. However, I do have a 3D pen which allows me to draw in ABS. Part of my problem is I'm not that good of an artist in 2D, must less 3D. So I took the easy way out and printed off some images of the robot.

Step 2: Trace

After I selected the size I wanted (ignore the pink robots as my printer was running out of ink), I took my 3D pen and traced the outline. At some spots I had to add a line because you cannot have dots or lines just floating by themselves, they must be connected to something.

Step 3: Peal. . . Very Carefully

After I was happy with the trace, I had to peal off the image from the paper. The paper rarely, but still sometimes, sticks to the plastic when I trace so you want to be careful on removal. Also, if you have not made the lines of sufficient width and strength they can break when you try to move them.

Step 4: Stand

I had some scrap styrene (0.20), so I traced a sufficiently sized circle (tape roll worked well) and cut it out. I then used a vice to hold the robot still and taped the stand underneath. I then used the 3D pen to create a plastic connection line between the two.

Step 5: Done. . . Well Almost

Now I have a cute little 3D robot who just happens to be very thin. But it's just the right size to sit on top of my computer or move around the work area. I had plans to add some LEDs for eyes and buttons, however, the size I picked was really too small to make it effective. I may try making a larger one which can incorporate the LEDs, but for now, this little guy works just fine to give me inspiration while sitting in my work area.

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    6 years ago

    Not exactly free-hand but still awesome results! Nice use of new tech