Freestanding Frameless Photo Frame From Acrylic Brochure Stand

Introduction: Freestanding Frameless Photo Frame From Acrylic Brochure Stand

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I got a very nice card from my son for my birthday and i wanted to make my own frame so i can put it on my desk.
I wanted frame to be as light and transparent possible and i remembered i saw one similar to this somewhere.


  • Acrylic Brochure Stand, size depends on the picture/card you want to frame, mine was A4 and A5 size.
  • bunch of long rubberbands & some paper clip or soft grip clamps (not to scratch the acrylic).
  • source of heat.

Step 1: Heat Them and Bend to Shape - Dont Burn!

The title says it all.. If you have a heatgun or hairdryer could also do.. maybe even in the oven?? I just used the open flame of my stove, which is a bit dodgy. See the last picture to see what happens when the acrylic gets too hot.

First i heat the edge of the footing of the stand, and bent it so it's flat at the back of the stand.
Then I continue to heat the whole thing, not as easy as heating up the edge.

Caution! It gets pretty hot before it stats to bend, so wear a mitten glove or something.

Step 2: The Rubber Band Comes in Handy

The two layers of the acrylic might start to separate when bending them, i snapped on a few rubber band to keep them together. I even clipped some spring paper clip on the rubber so it holds better (only on rubber, not straight on acrylic).
Soft-grip clamps, or the likes would be better, i guess..

My first attempt didn't come out too well, i didnt have the right tools to heat the thing up evenly. When i took the rubber band off it almost went back to it's original flat shape.

The second attempt i heat the thing more, and add more rubber band to pull the bend tighter. When this one cooled down it spring back a little just to the right arc i was aiming for.

The second acrylic stand (the smaller - A5 size, not pictured) went smoother thanks to my experience with the first one.

Step 3: Tada!


Thanks for your comments/critics/suggestions. :)

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Elegant solution!!!


    Reply 6 years ago

    i should mention that the big one turned out to be not curved enough..
    a slight bump on the table or small wind from the back would drop it. i need to bend it more, luckily it's easy to do.. :D