Freetime Activities Against Boredom☀☮♔Part 1

Hey guys. This Instructable will help you beat boredom at home. There will be no extra materials needed then you actually own at home. I hope you enjoy this activities as much as I do :) (Video is available at the end)

Step 1: Watermelon Smoothie Drink


1 Drill

1 Watermelon

1 Cup

1 Coat hanger

Step 2: Preparing the Materials

  1. Cut a small hole into the watermelon
  2. Grab the coat hanger and bend it so that it is flat and long
  3. Attach the coat hanger to the drill turning the drill into and blender
  4. Take the plastic cup and cut it into half

Step 3: Creating the Smoothie

  1. Place the drill (with the coat hanger attached) and place it into the hole
  2. Drill for about 30-40 seconds and make sure that the whole fruit gets "blended"
  3. Take out the drill and shake the watermelon gently to spread the fruit and the juice equally

Step 4: Creation of the "Mouth"

  1. Cut a cup size hole at the side of the water melon
  2. Place the cup, which has been cut into half, into the opening, with its plastic facing downwards
  3. be ready to pour some watermelon smoothies

Step 5: Bonus Steps

  1. Cut a straight line at the bottom of the watermelon to make it stand straight when not in use
  2. Put some Ice cubes into the juice to make it ideal for warm summer days
  3. Use a straw, when by your own, to drink from the watermelon

Step 6: Finished Product (Video)

Link to Freetime Activities part 2:



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    really coll idea...I want to try it :)

    Ms Spelled

    2 years ago

    Yay, I will never be bored again! Cool instructable ;D


    2 years ago

    Very clever idea!