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Introduction: Freezer Pops

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Freezer Pops made from plastic Easter eggs are a fun, easy and edible craft for kids of all ages.  After the initial set up, very little supervision is required and because the egg collects most of the melt-off, kids can enjoy the fruits of their labor without making a sticky mess.

Step 1: Initial Set Up (with Adult Supervision)

  • Land of Lakes eggs packages their eggs in a unique carton that folds in thirds.  Separate the 3 sections and place the flat/cover under one of the egg shaped containers so that it acts as a sturdy tray (which holds the bottom half of the plastic eggs upright while they are in the freezer)
  • With the help of an adult, drill a hole in the remaining section of the egg carton and insert lollipop sticks.  (This will be used to hold both the top half of the plastic egg and the lollipop stick in place while freezing.)  Likewise drill a hole on the pointed half of the plastic plastic egg, large enough to fit a lollipop stick.  
  • Rinse out the interior of the egg and connect the halves.
  • To prevent a choking hazard, most the plastic eggs already have small holes drilled on both halves of the egg. Using a glue gun, spread hot glue on the outside of the egg bottom. (Do not seal the holes on the top half as these will act as overflow once the liquid starts to freeze).  Place the plastic eggs in the holding tray, with the pointy end up..

Step 2: Let the Fun Begin (without Adults)!

  • Each egg holds 50 ml, or about 1/4 cup of liquid refreshment.  Using a large needle-free syringe, fill each plastic egg with your favorite flavored beverage, almost to the top of the egg.
  • Line up the lollipop sticks with the hole that was previously drilled in the plastic egg.  Once the top of the carton is placed on top of the eggs, push the lollipop sticks about halfway into the plastic egg. Carefully carry these to the freezer and go play outside for an hour.

When you return from having fun, grab a Freezer Pop and hold the cold plastic egg between your hands.  The heat of your hands will help separate the frozen pop from the plastic egg, and at the same time will help cool you off. 

After the plastic top of the Freezer Pop is removed, enjoy this nice cool treat (or two)!

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    4 years ago

    aww awesome
    Totally gonna make these when summer comes around again!


    6 years ago

    Gotta try this!!!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Have fun!


    7 years ago

    Very smart idea


    Reply 7 years ago

    ...and easy for the kids to grab & go! ;-)