Freezing Lots of Computers at Once

Introduction: Freezing Lots of Computers at Once

If you have ever wanted to freeze all of the computers in a network (such as at work or school), here is your chance. This can be a hilarious prank, but be aware that some people might get upset when their computers are all frozen. (Be careful! If you don't have permission or ownership, charges can be filed against you. This prank is technically classified as a Denial of Service attack. I will not be responsible for anything you do with this information.)

This mass freezing will work by having one or more "host" computers send hundreds of thousands of pop-up messages to everyone in the network. Every time you try to click on something, more pop-ups have gotten in the way, soon freezing the computer. When all of the computers are shut off and rebooted, it starts all over!
Have fun!

Step 1: Write the Script

First we will write the netsend script. This will send a message to all of the computers on the network. You can either do batch or VBS on this, but batch is more intimidating. Here is the code that you need, and remember to save it as anything.bat (the part before .bat can be whatever you want). :

@echo off
net send * messagehere
goto start

What this will do is send a pop-up message to all of the computers in your network, and then loop back and do it again. It will go as fast as possible, taking up all of the CPU usage. That way, no one could stop the program (as that takes up CPU) without turning off the machine. As all of the network's computers are going ballistic with pop-ups, no one will know which one is causing it (especially if you launch this from two computers in the network, as they would both be causes but look like victims).

Step 2: Place the File

Now what we are going to do is place the batch file in the start up folder of one or more of the computers in a network. If you want the mayhem to continue after all of the computers are rebooted (see step 4), follow this step. If you want your prank to be short lived, skip this step. I suggest you follow this step, as it greatly improves the ingeniousness of it all.

Go to the control panel and look at the icon that says "Programs". Under it should be some links, one saying "Change Startup Programs". Click on that one. From there it should be pretty self explanatory. Just add the file to the list.

Step 3: Preparing to Deploy

This will work only if the computers being used (including the victims) have net send enabled. This is easy, but remember that you need Windows XP computers for the prank to work. You might already have net send enabled, in which case this step can be skipped. You may want to check, however (see the bottom of this step).

Keeping that in mind, we will open up Run on one of the computers. You can do this by either hitting both the Windows key (the key with the Windows logo on it) and the "R" key, or by going under "Accessories" in "All Programs" in the Start Menu. When the Run bar comes up, type in "services.msc". (Of course, without the quotation marks.) Hit enter. A new menu should come up with a list. The list is in alphabetical order, making navigation easy. Find where it says "Messenger". Right click it and select "Properties". Where it says "Startup Type", put "Automatic". Exit out.

Repeat this for all the computers. You'll get fast at it with practice.
To check if a computer already has net send enabled, open the Command Prompt. It can be opened either by typing "cmd" into Run, or by clicking on it in "Accessories". Now type "net send /?" (again, without the quotation marks). If it responds with information about the command, then it is already enabled. If it responds by saying that "net send is not a command", than net send is not yet enabled.

Step 4: Deploying the Freeze

When you are all ready, open the file that you had created earlier. For maximum freezing, open it on more than one computer.

Watch as everyone's computer starts swarming with pop-ups. Soon the tech department will be called, but the only thing to do will be to shut off the computers. This would normally stop it, since shutting off the computers would mean shutting off the program, but because we put it in the startup folder, it will start all over when the right computer is turned on. It is a brilliant prank, as the problem computer(s) could be one of many identical computers. Again, have fun!



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    98 Discussions

    How to fix this freezing computer i want to prank my computer friends.

    Thank you

    I Did something similar to this with two computers a while back on ncomputing(not the start up folder)but it still crashed like 90 computers, 60 of them were from 2 other schools. I got suspended for 2 days afterwords. it was dumb because I got out of school 2 days before winter break. Fortunately they understood,like it would be much worse if I got detention

    my computer doesnt have the change startup programs on my control panel

    what should i do

    I have a computer from a school I went to if I use it on them what is the chance of them tracing it to me.

    I have me own acc on it and everything now

    whats the chance of getting caught like having it traced back to your computor

    6 replies

       There is a 99.999...% chance of this being traced back to your computer's IP. The real question is whether the computer you use can be tracked back to you. If you are on a public network, then the chance is slim. If you're using a school computer, and are logged in under your name, then there is little chance of you getting away.
       It depends therefore on if the computer is traceable to you, and if so, how competent security is in your situation.

    My lunch period is free, so I go to the library and use their computers. The librarians love me and think I'm an angel. They never suspected I did this.

    I know this thread's pretty old. Another thing is that even if you use a guest account, if they have any brains, they would just use the security cameras to see who was using the computer. If there are no cameras, then they can just ask the people who were sitting near you if they remember who was sitting there.

    terrible here. They wouldn't let me switch the keyboard layout to dvorak even when I asked nicely

    Try this;
    (Opens up file explore forever)
    goto "Hi"

    Save as .bat file and run!!

    That means that you're not using the command correctly. Please post your input

    @ echo off


    netsend * Hi Lol

    goto start

    Depends on network. Some will reject the connection. Even if it works, they can ban the mac address, use a dhcp (and thereby ban the ip), or just ban the name of the pc outright. There are many ways to get caught. Just don't do it.

    At my school they let us bring USB drives and plug them in.
    My first thought of what to put on the drive was an autorun file and a VBS or Batch file. ;)

    2 replies

    will421 that is a great idea, thank you! I am going to take one of my stupid flash drives tht only have half a GIG and i will add an Autorun file in there with some crappy viruses! I am even going to make some really creepy cirus that will ask the user questions and if answered incorrect it deletes an important file or spam opens itself or opens everything on the desktop!

    how about that we think of something that will make every1 I know freak out??