Frequency Meter

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This project was developed so that you learn how to use an Arduino micro-controller like a frequency meter while using simultaneously 12C serial LCD display.

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Step 1: Bill of Materials

1 12C serial LCD display

1 16x2 LCD display

1 Arduino Uno

1 Arduino enclosure (optional)

1 USB-A to USB-B male Cable

4 Wire jumper cable for Arduino male to female

Step 2: Assembling Your Project

Once inserted the 12C serial LCD display, you should proceed to solder the pins insertedon the 16X2 LCD display too. Right away, you should connect the wire jumpers from 12C serial in the corresponding pins: GND, Vcc, SDA, and SCL to the Arduino pins GND, +5V, A4, and A5 respectively.

Step 3: Upload the Code

Once completed the project, go to pastebin website so that you can upload the code at:

Step 4: Measuring Frequency

After uploading the code, you should use the Arduino pin 5 like positive lead of your meter while Arduino pin GND will be the negative lead of your tester.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Project

Finalizing your project, you will have a frequency meter with an ample range of measuring.

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