Fresh Clove Grinder



There's really nothing to this one, just repurposing something that is normally intended to throw out.

Step 1: Acquire "disposable" Grinder

Disposable grinders are available at almost any store that sells spices, this one came from Costco filled with sea salt. Since I have a nice stainless grinder I didn't need this one, so I decided to repurpose it.

Step 2: Remove Lid,

After you've emptied the contents into another vessel, or used them up, you need to remove the lid, while not all are the same, generally because the grinder works on a rotation mechanism, the lids won't be screw on, I used a flat screwdriver in a gentle twisting motion to pry the lid off without breaking it. [tip!] wearing a pair of leather work gloves here would be a good idea, that's way when the screwdriver slips you don't stab yourself in the other hand. (ask me how I came to this conclusion...)

Step 3: Replace the Lid, Enjoy

That pretty much it, you now can buy bulk whole cloves for much cheaper than pre packaged. snap the lid back in place adjust the grinder to the cloves if it was set for salt, and enjoy fresh ground clove on lattes and deserts, etc



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