Fresh Flower Jewellery




Introduction: Fresh Flower Jewellery

  • Fresh Flower Jewellery is a simple jewellery made with flowers and some kundan.It look pretty descent, is use and throw and doesn't requires much costly material or time.

Fresh flower jewellery can be wore by brides and can be wore in many religious functions. this Instructable I am going to tell you how to make simple necklace and earrings with fresh flowers.To make those awesome jewellery follow the steps given below.?

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials are easily obtainable from your garden and stationary or general stores.

1.strong thread and needle

2.fresh buds of Tabernaemontana or opt for mogra

3.crystal stones

4.wooden beads

5.crystal ringed beads can opt with available ones

6.earring hooks

7.glue gun



10.golden ribbon

Step 2: Basic Material Editing

Making of Buds
Cut the stem of the buds and make them like beads but remember not to cut the whole but cut it till the neck and leave some described in would require about 100grams of buds.

Making of Buttons
trim the stem of buds but leave a lot of stem.these buttons could be used to make broach .

cutting petals
cut the petals for broach.

Step 3: Basic Assembly

this is to assemble the parts

Step 4: Necklace Assembly

In this you will assemble the garland

Step 5: Earring Assembly

Step 6: Thank You

Step 7: Some of My Works



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    16 Discussions

    Very clearly explained ...thank you so much do you take any classes and where do we get these flowers

    Is this flower spoiled after sometimes or remains fresh all-time????????

    3 replies

    they remain fresh for about one week if you store them in an airtight box in refrigerator and could be wore twice

    Hi ... I just luvd ur work. N u have shown it very properly. I am surely going to try it.
    Would request u ti upload more fresh flower jwellery with instructions. :)

    4 replies

    thanks nikita.i m glad that you liked my work.i m definitely going to upload instructions for other fresh flower jewellery projects stay tuned.

    Wow, i've never seen anything like this, keep up the good work!

    1 reply