Fresh Fruit Margarita's



Introduction: Fresh Fruit Margarita's

 A list of things you will need.....
To be of legal drinking age 
Quality tequila
Fresh oranges & limes 
A shaker and shot glass
Fine grained salt 

Step 1: Tequila

This recipe makes two margarita's

It is Very important  to choose a tequila that is 100% agave, if it does not say 100% on the bottle it isn't 100% agave....

I keep my tequila in the freezer..

Step 2: Fruit

1.Cut the oranges and limes in half and squeeze directly into the shaker.

One orange & one a half limes per shot of tequila.

(I like my margaritas a little tart, you can add sweetener at the end if it is too tart.)

Step 3: Shaker

1.Fill the shaker half way with ice..

2.Using the shot glass measure four shots of tequila and two shot of filtered water add them to the shaker.

3.Shake gently.. place into the freezer.

Step 4: Salt

1.Pour a layer of salt onto a small flat plate

2.Take a slice of lime and go around the rim of the glass make sure it is wet from the lime.

3.Turn the glass up side down and dip it into the salt, coating the rim with a layer of salt and set the glass aside.

Step 5: At Last

 Take out the chilled shaker from the freezer and pour the margaritas into the glasses add a slice of orange or lime..... Enjoy

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