Fresh Mango Ice Cream !





Introduction: Fresh Mango Ice Cream !

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Hi ! This is me again :) today I will share with you very simple fast and delicious mango ice cram ! Join it withe your family and friends ! All the ingredients is in your home , so what you are waiting ?

You can put any fruit you want or even cake or chocolate , any thing you want !

Step 1: Collecting Ingredients !

1- fresh mango or any fruit or chocolate or even a cake that you want

2- whipping cream or liquid cream as much as you want.

3- 1 tbs sweetened condensed milk (nestle) or any kind will be fine .

4- raspberry flavor or vanilla extract

Step 2: Mixing

1- Now using hand mixture or your hand whisk the cream in medium speed

2- add 1 tbs of the sweetened condensed milk

3- add the flavor

Step 3: Cut the Mango Cut Cut Cut!

Now cut the mango in small size then add it with the mixture :)

I can't wait !

Step 4: In Your Mouth !

Let it set in freezer at least 2 our then enjoy what is the meaning of fresh ice cream !



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    6 Discussions

    Dear iamcrisstylez I am really happy that you love it ,hope that you enjoy make it and thnx for supporting :)

    This looks delicious! Very simple ingredients and easy to make. Usually when I think of making homeade ice cream, I think of some type of machine, some ice, some rock salt, you know? But This is so easy I could make a batch in a few minutes. I think I'll make a peach cobbler version and have it at the last cookout of the season! Thanks for this. Plus I'll be able to say it's homemade and organic ingredients, and you know how much people love those keywords, lol.

    Dear jazzabella :) you can put Oreo ! It will be awesome ,just smash the Oreo then add it.thnx for supporting .

    Yummy can you tell me to make one of those

    You are welcome :)

    Mmmm creamy mango, sounds so tasty! I bet the chocolate sauce adds some nice flavor as well! Thanks for sharing!