Fresh Matters

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Nikola Testla called plant food “superior to it [meat] in regard to both mechanical and mental processes.”  Fresh vegetables are hard to find, and when I say fresh, I don’t mean picked a weeks ago, or even a few days ago, I mean hand picked by me right when I need it. I had learned from a family friend, who is a practicing nurse and nutritionist, vegetables lose much of their nutrients each additional day they spend on a store shelf. And, that unless you’re buying locally, produce typically travels long distances before arriving at supermarkets.
We started researching a way to grow fruit and vegetables at home, to have the freshest produce with the highest nutritional value, great taste, and to save money. We came across a growing method called hydroponics. The problem with hydroponic kits on the market all requires electric air pumps. The problem with electric pumps is that they require electricity, which is mostly acquired from coal, a polluting resource, and since most outlets are indoors and most of the pumps were weather proof, the system has to be done indoors, which reduces the plants ability to reach its most important resource, the sun. Further more only a few of the systems where made from eco-friendly materials or were attractive.



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    You can mux with programs with Handbrake and etc

    Even VirtualDub

    both are free