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Introduction: Fresh Apple Ginger Banana Smoothie

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After my first highly successful ginger juice experiment I've been trying to work it into all sorts of things. Smoothies made with fresh ginger and apple juice, bananas, frozen berries, and a few other things are spectacular.

Step 1: Juice Some Ginger

I juiced a big hunk of ginger root that made around 200 mL (3/4+ of a cup) of juice.

More thoughts on the awesome Jack LaLanne power juicer here.

Step 2: And Some Apples

I juiced enough apples to make 500 mL (2+ cups) of juice. I planned on making about 1.25 L (5 cups) of smoothies because that's how much liquid my blender holds.

I cook to the size of the pot, not to the size of the stomach.

Step 3: A Note on Fresh Juice

Pasteurized juice is a pale comparison of freshly juiced juice. Pull the fruit directly off a tree if you can, it's probably another 10 times better. With so much exposed surface area, the fresh juice starts to oxidize (I presume oxygen is the culprit) quite quickly. Drink or use it immediately, the great taste doesn't stick around.

Look at all the neat particulate matter in the apple juice! That's part of the great taste!

Step 4: Dump All the Ingredients Into a Blender

Ginger juice
Apple juice
Banana (I used one large and one baby banana)
20 g or so of soybean powder (because I like the gritty, chalky taste of "protein power" smoothies)
a bunch of frozen raspberries
two spoonfuls of peanut butter
a little bit of cayenne pepper

Step 5: Blend Until Smooth

Step 6: Enjoy

All the flavors are actually in balance. When you first sip, you get the peanut butter, followed by the ginger, apple, and raspberry. The banana and soybean provide nice body, and after a few sips the canyenne pepper sneaks up and opens your sinuses.



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    My mom used to make something like this, but with pineapple... she also added entire chunks of ginger, rather than juicing it, it made the flavor much more prominent. :) Pineapple+ginger=delicious.

    Fresh ginger root is my absolute favorite. Before work, I love to juice ginger root, organic baby carrots (about five), two to three different applies (Gala, Granny, Red) and One a sweet orange. Not only does the ginger do a better wake-up call than coffee, I find I can go for hours before getting hungry and still be alert! Great stuff! lol

    I'd never thought of juicing ginger, one of my favorite flavors too. It would make an interesting experiment to see if a ginger smoothie prevented motion sickness. However, peanuts? Gahhh! Make me die, literally.

    1 reply

    Wow, that's a great idea with the motion sickness cure. People buy medicine for nausea, but I think the absolutely best instant cure ever is ginger! I was taking a medication that made me really nauseated for a while, and I drank so much Reed's Extra Ginger Ginger Brew that I started making my own ginger ale from fresh ginger so I wouldn't go broke. This sounds like a super healthy change from that...thanks ewilhelm!

    Ewilhelm, I wouldn't touch that stuff with a ten foot pole. More power to you if you can. Thanks anyway.


    11 years ago

    my dad is teh pwnage king at making froot drinks :D


    11 years ago

    any tips on how juice the ginger if you don't own a juicer?

    3 replies

    Just grate the ginger as ewilhelm describes below, then squeeze it out; a sieve works nicely. A little bit of ginger juice can go an awfully long way, so an inch or two of ginger should provide plenty of juice for a couple of smoothies. He just likes a bit of smoothie in his ginger juice. ;D


    Reply 11 years ago

    Ok, I have tofu sitting in the fridge and will try this the next time I make juice. I've been using soy powder, which gives the smoothie a bit of a gritty feel. I kind of like it, but Christy isn't too fond and complains when I put too much in. Tofu might be just the thing. Thanks!

    wow. you're certainly right. you do taste the peanut butter, followed by the ginger. really nice. also, i had a bunch of oranges to use up so i used that instead of apple, and i had frozen blueberries instead of raspberries. works very nice as well. love that cayenne going down, sort of stays in your throat a while and warms you up (along with the ginger). thanks very much.

    I made this again this morning, but added fresh pomegranate juice to the apple juice. Again, it was awesome! Juicing the pomegranate was actually kind of rewarding: I didn't do anything besides cut it into pieces that would fit into the juicer. Next time, I might cut at least the outside rind off. There was a slight sharpness to the plain apple and pomegranate juice that I think came from the rind.


    11 years ago

    The peanut butter was surprisingly good. It adds nice body to the smoothies, and helps cover the taste of that nasty protein powder he's prone to adding.

    cool glasses :) You add some interesting ingredients in your smoothies... Cayenne pepper :P I've never heard of putting peanut butter in smoothies either (but sounds like its worth a shot).