Friday Night - Fort Night!




Using paracord, a plethora of blankets, some tricky engineering and a whole lot of laughs... our fort was born.

- Paracord
- Blankets (go for blankets on the lighter side...)
- Clothes pins
- binder clips
- knot tying skills

Start by creating the skeleton of the fort.  Often times if you start with the exterior (blankets) your fort wont last very long.  

Find only secure objects in the house that are capable of bearing weight, in this example the previous tenants loved plants or something so there were plenty of hooks installed in the ceasing for us to grapple to.  We also used the curtain rod, door knobs, and even some chairs to anchor to.  ** be cautious not to attach to any lamp posts or anything that you may tip over, especially things with light bulbs you can start a fire pretty easily if you don't anticipate any follies that may occur in your design**

Now that you have a web of paracord throughout  your house, you are ready to start placing blankets to form the shell.  The intersections of paracord make for a great tie-off point, you will want to either tie knots with the blanket or use your clips and pins to secure the blanket to the cord.  Repeat the process until you have a fort that looks like a suspended patchwork circus tent :)  

**The inside always looks much cooler than the outside,  this is another reason to place wanted objects inside your fort area before you start to string so that you can sit and enjoy your fort without having to make room for you activities inside.  In our case we had a nice 47" TV as the centerpiece. **



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    4 years ago

    I use to do this when I was a little child


    4 years ago

    This makes me smile ( :


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your Friday nights are way more fun than mine! Very cool!


    5 years ago

    Omg that is awesome and I've always dreamed of doing that!!!!