Fridge Wine Cork Board

Introduction: Fridge Wine Cork Board

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If you have enough corks this is a great project to make. If not it easy to find corks if you ask people or bars otherwise you can buy them online or at craft stores. This wine cork board is magnetic for the refridgerator. It nice to have a cork board on your fridge for reminds, coupon,etc. Other than the corks this project only requires a few tools to make. Corks can get heavy so it took a few magnitcs to get it to hold. I used hot glue and hot glue gun to attach my corks you could use other types of glue also. I used 1/8 hard wood board to glue them onto this made sure they were all flat together. Depending on how many corks you have you can make it what ever size you want. I arranged my corks so when I glued them they were facing the same way. Here's how to make it.

make sure to get good magnets

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies


hard wood



tape measure

hot glue

hot glue gun

flat surface

glue for magnets

Step 2: Making

When making the wine cork board start with laying out your corks. Make sure you have enough for the size you wanna make. When lining up the corks I put corks that where the same lengths and widths in a row. Use a flat surface and place which side of the cork you want facing outward. I actually made mine gluing them to a clip board that i took the clip off. Mine was 5 corks wide in rows of 13. You can make your how ever big or small you want. You can get hard wood and cut it. Once you have your corks lined up in the way you want your final results to be you can start gluing. I used a hot glue gun and hot glue to attach the corks to the board. Glue them one at a time make sure to keep them in the order you set them up. Glue one row at a time one after another. Make sure to have the writing on the corks facing outward and in the same direction. Let the glue dry and add magnets to the back side. I had to add 5 or 6 magnets to get the board to stay up. This works great for putting stuff on the fridge.

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