Fried Brazilian Bread: Sonho (Dream)




Introduction: Fried Brazilian Bread: Sonho (Dream)

fried dream recipe

about 60 medium-sized dreams

liquefy :

1 can of condensed milk

2 cans of condensed milk of warm water

1 can of condensend milk of vegetable oil

5 eggs

add some pieces of pumpkin cooked and sifted previously

in another container:

2 tablespoons dry yeast for bread plus that liquidy that was beaten in the blender

add gradually 2 kilos of white flour incorporating the mass until it takes off the table which is being worked

pass white flour in the table and open it with the rolling pin until you have the thickness of a finger

use a glass to cut the dreams, it depends on the size we want

TIP: you can use the same dough to make other items : fogazza and breads

after half an hour, or until fold volume, heat the oil and fry your own dreams, that will be a ball .

The fire can not be too hot or they can became raw inside.

Cut them without detaching the parts and stuff with your preference.

I put milk caramel sauce and covered with Ovaltine ;)

Hope you enjoy it!! Any doubt, please send me a message ;)

The video is in brazilian portuguese!!



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