Fried Egg Cake




Introduction: Fried Egg Cake

Here is yet another  Dr Oetker's famous recipe.Has any one ever heard of  fried eggs in a cake?Go ahead and scroll down to read the whole recipe.The original name is called fried egg pastry.I have shown you the text from my recipe book.But I prefer to name  it as fried egg cake as this name is ideal for this recipe.

Step 1: Ingredients

For the topping
80 gr Custard powder
80 gr sugar
750 ml milk
1 can peach halves -(drained weight 480 gr)
500 gr cream fraiche

For the cake mixture
150 gr soft margarine or butter
150 gr sugar
3 drops vanilla essence
pinch of salt
3 medium eggs
300 gr all purpose flour
2 level tea sp baking powder
4 tea sp milk

For the Glaze
500 ml Peach juice liquid f rom the can -Made up to quantity with water
4 tea sp Arrow root
50 gr sugar

You can also substitute with  Apricot haves

Step 2: Make Custard

Mix the custard powder with little  milk until it dissolves.Warm  the rest of the milk and add sugar.add the custard mixture to the milk and keep stiring occasionally until it thickens to the  required consistency.Leave the custard to cool.then stir in the cream fraiche in to the custard.
If you are using ready made pakets follow instructions and use ONLY 750 ml milk.

Step 3: Pre Heat Oven

In the mean time preheat the oven top and botom.Grease the baking tray.

Top/Bottom heat  - about 180°C / 350° F

Step 4: Drain Peaches

Drain the peaches  throughly in a collander and reserve the juice for glazing.

Step 5: Mix Flour

Mix together flour and baking powder and sift.

Step 6: Mixing

Stir the softened butter with a hand mixer with  whisk until it becomes homogenous.Gradually add the sugar,vanilla milk and salt, stir until the mixture thickens.

Step 7:

Add one egg at a time whisking each one for about 1/2 minute at the highest setting.Add the sifted flour to the egg mixture in two stages,briefly stirring with a mixer at the medium setting.

Step 8: Custard Topping

Now transfer it to the baking tray.Spread the cooled custard on top of the cake mixture.

Step 9: Arrange & Bake

Neatly arrange the peach halves with the rounded sides upward and bake for about 35 minutes.
oops! I had put the tray in the upper shelf,and it got a little burnt.No fuss it is still tasty.
Mmm doesn't it look like fried eggs on cake?

Step 10: Glaze

Top up the peach  juice with water to make 500 ml.Blend the arrow root with a little of the liquid,then stir in the rest of the liquid.Add sugar Bring to the boil and simmer for one minute until it is clear and sticky/thick .When cool pour over the peaches / cake  and leave to set.

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    I thought it was a egg to lol

    Me to I thought it was a egg

    INGENIOUS!! I was immediately struck by the image of something resembling bread pudding or baked custard, and the title was fitting, although I expected the "yolks" to be apricots, not peaches; although you could do it either way. I have NEVER had any food cooked from a box or instant powder turn into something edible, BUT, I do know how to make the from-scratch version....(I will modify my custard ingredients to match the bake time of the cake). WOW! i LOVE the original and unique ideas submitted on this site!

    Looks very good. :D

    I thought those were made with eggs too. There are a lot of Portuguese pastries that are made with egg yolk and sugar and look like that, I thought this was something similar.

    1 reply

    ha! i made this again for a dinner and ,so many got fooled..Thank you for viewing.

    That looks so delicious.................i will definitely try this out.Thank you for sharing :)

    looks delicious. .

    I've made an Italian breakfast casserole before that has whole eggs placed on top, and then baked. The yolks gave the dish an interesting sweetness. I'm in the US so I'm going to check out conversions and try yours too. Thanks for sharing.

    1 reply

    Hmm, so basically you tricked us for more views but it still looks good I'll try it. TY

    1 reply

    Ha! ha!so you got it.Thanks for your comment.Actually for this recipe "fried egg cake" is better than the original name.Really it taste good.and also looks good to fool some one.Post a picture if you try this.