Fried Egg Jewelry Set

Introduction: Fried Egg Jewelry Set

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Hi everyone! Here are some fried egg earrings for all the egg lovers out there!

Hope you like this tutorial!

Step 1: Materials

1. Clay: For this project I used polymer clay, specifically sculpey 3 clay. However I do not recommend this brand of polymer clay for jewelry making because it is too brittle and breaks too easily when thin. Instead, use this guide to find the best kind of clay the bottom of the page shows which clay is the best for what.
I used only 3 colors, black, white, and orange.

2. 2 jump rings (larger sized- big enough to get through the clay hook on the pan

3. 2 earring hooks * can make yourself with 21 gauge wire or buy some.

4. A necklace chain

5. A glass oven proof pan

6. Needle nose pliers and chain nose pliers

Step 2: Make the Frying Pan

1. To begin, you are going to make a sphere of black clay by rolling it between your hands

2. Next you will flatten this ball into a circle with your thumb.

3. After that, use your plastic knife or clay tool to make an indent of a circle. If you have long fingernails, your thumb nail is the best tool for this task. The clay outside the indent to ted line will be the sides of the pan.

4. Bring the outside of the indented circle up by flattening it some more and make it round like a frying pan edge. You may need to make a pinch at one side to make it round the way you want it. If so, this pinch will be where the frying pan handle goes.

5. Roll a long and skinny(ish) piece of clay for the handle, and attach carefully to the pinched part, smoothing it on and being careful to keep the frying pan shape. You may have to adjust that shape.

6. Once the handle is attached, curve the end over to make a loop and attach it, smoothing it out. You want to make sure the loop stays and is big enough, so stick a small clay tool through or something of the sort if the loop needs adjusting. It doesn't matter if the inside doesn't look perfect, we won't see much of that part.

Step 3: Make the Egg White

1. To make the egg white we will begin by rolling white clay into a ball with our hands. You may want to measure the amount of clay to use by creating a circle of clay a bit smaller than the inside of your frying pan.

2. Squish the ball of white clay down into a circle, but not into a thin one. You want this circle to be fatter than the desired egg white.

3. Begin to shape the egg white, making 2 bumps and rounding out the opposite side. Flatten as you go.

4. Stick it to the inside of the frying pan. If it is too large, take some clay away and reshape it.

Step 4: Make the Egg Yolk

1. To make the egg yolk mix small amounts of orange clay with some white clay until you get your desired color.

2. With a small pinch of clay make an ovalish sphere. 3. Press this onto the egg white and flatten very slightly. 4. Make the other earring the same way. Make the pendant the same way, but slightly bigger.

Step 5: Bake

Once you have made the earrings and/ or pendant, place finished pieces in a glass baking tin and bake according to the instructions on your clay.
Sculpey 3 specifically should be baked at 275 °F (130°C ) for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch (6 mm) thickness. After baking, let it cool!

Step 6: Make the Earrings and Necklace

1. To make the earrings, begin by opening the 2 jump rings using your pliers.

2. Put the jump rings through the pan handle and close.

3. Open the earring hooks and attach them to the jump rings.

4. Close them and you are done with your earrings!

5. For the necklace, simply thread the chain through the pan's hole and wear!

Enjoy them and show your friends what a strange egg you are!

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