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Introduction: Fried Egg Pin Cushion

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This is a ‘no sew’ project for the sewing room ;-)

The things you'll need are:
Sculpey clay (or similar)
Baking parchment
Rolling pin
Baking sheet
White Paint
Sculpey glaze
Yellow felt
Pillow stuffing
Glue gun/clear glue

Step 1:

We start with a palm sized lump of sculpey clay.

Manipulate the clay into a ball, then place onto the parchment paper, on a flat surface, and start to roll out.  As we are aiming for an irregular shape, and because we’re going to add some texture, don’t worry too much about the clay being even. 

When you have the clay to the size you want use the rolling pin to make it thinner along the outside edge.  This process should create a ‘wobbly edge’ which will add to the fried egg effect we’re going for.  If you find that your egg is looking too even, shape it with your fingers.

Pre heat the oven - mine was on 220…

Step 2:

Once we have our desired shape, it’s time to start adding some texture.  I used a chopstick, small screw driver and my finger nails to make it look like it had been attacked by extremely hot oil!

When the surface is adequately ‘scarred’ it’s time to pop it in the oven.  The manufacturers usually say to bake for about 15 minutes, but I always find that 10 is sufficient and, as you can see, I singed the edges (again!)

Once baked, leave the ‘egg white’ to cool down completely.

Step 3:

Now it’s time for the yolk.

I decided on the size of the yolk purely by eye against the size of the egg white - I think that’s the easiest way to create the aesthetic to suit personal taste. 

Cut out a circle of cardboard the size of your yolk - if you can find something close to your desired size to draw around all the better.  Place the circle onto your felt and draw around it.  Leaving a generous area around that circle, draw another one.  Place the circle to one side for now.

Create a ‘seam allowance’ around the shape that was drawn onto the felt - an inch to an inch and a half should be enough - and cut out the felt.  Cut out the smaller felt circle as well.

Step 4:

Grab about a handful of polyester filling and scrunch it into a ball.  Glue this to the cardboard circle and we have a makeshift pin cushion.

Take the large piece of felt and clip small triangles around the edge; this is to help the edge of the yolk look as smooth as possible once glued.  Be careful not to cut too deep into the fabric.

Now carefully start to glue the large felt circle around the makeshift pin cushion.  Take this bit slowly, especially if you’re using hot glue.

Once the felt is on and the glue is dry, glue the smaller felt circle to the underside of the pin cushion.

Step 5:

If you used white clay skip the painting and go straight to glazing.

Let’s go back to the ‘egg white’ and actually make it white.  Remember to paint the underside as well, for a better over all finish.

Once the paint is dry (which, if you’re using cheap acrylic, like me, will take an aeon!) we can give it a coat of glaze.

Step 6:

A little bit more waiting for the glaze to dry and we’re ready to glue the ‘yoke’ to the ‘white’.

(if you want, before gluing the yoke, you can add little felt pads to the underside to make it non-slip.)

When doing this, putting the glue on the underside of the yolk will give you more control of the placement.  Also, be sure not to spread the glue too close to the edges as we don’t want it to expand beyond the boundary of the yolk.

Et voila!

One fried egg pin cushion :-D

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    Lady Judy
    Lady Judy

    4 years ago

    Creative!! I like thiss. I could give this as a gift for my mom.


    5 years ago

    This is so cute! Your instructible was so clear and easy to follow. Great job