Fried Egg With Cheese




This is a guide on how to make fried egg with cheese, in a frying pan. You will need:

2x eggs

Frying pan

2x Sliced cheese

2x Ham (Optional)



Wooden Ladel


Follow these steps and get a perfect egg and cheese sandwich.


Step 1: Crack Eggs Into Bowl

Take your bowl and crack both eggs into it, getting as little shell into it as possible. Then mix the yolk and egg white with your fork in a circular motion. While doing the next steps continue mixing lightly so that their no lighter parts or darker parts within the egg.

Step 2: Buttering the Frying Pan

Put the butter into the pan and switch on the fire. Then, using you wooden ladle, move it around and get a nice spread of butter over all of your pan. This will stop the egg from sticking and not coming loose from the pan.

Step 3: Pouring the Egg

Now pour the egg into the pan, trying to get it not all clumped up in 1 place. After this lift the frying pan and move it around a little so that the egg can spread to all the corners and not become thick in any places. This has to be done immediately or it will be cooked and wont move anymore.

Step 4: Adding the Cheese And/or Ham

Now we add the cheese, this is quite simple, just put the cheese evenly over the egg and turn up the fire a little so that it melts nicely. This is why you need to spread the egg out all the way. If you would like you can do this step with ham instead, you can also do it with both but that is personal preference.

Step 5: Finish Him!

Now, once you have seen the cheese get molten and the egg is not runny anymore, you can take it off the pan. Then fold it double and put on a piece of bread or eat it like that, don't forget to season it with salt and pepper though.

Now you have a perfect egg sandwich with molten cheese or ham!



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    2 years ago

    Looks yummy :)