Fried Food Parcel Recipe

Introduction: Fried Food Parcel Recipe

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What is a food parcel you may ask? Well there are many culinary examples from Samosas, tortilla wraps, pastries (Pasties & Pies ) Pasta ( cannelloni /tortellini ). and many more....

My recipe is a sealed food parcel which can be both Savoury or Sweet.......

This came about one day from me wondering, which was the best way to heat up the food I had left over from the night before. I had some home-made rice and curry, there was a little under a full meal left, so I had an idea............. ?

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Step 1: Recipe of Wrap

Well the wrap is very versitile, it is roughly based on my own tried and tested recipe from decades ago. I guess it's a kin to a Batter or Crepe mix.

It is very usual for me to guess the amounts but this time I measured them, as it is for instructables. I should stress that it is not a bad thing to be instinctive to.

With (1) large egg we add 150 ml of milk and 6 medium dessert spoons of Plain White Flour.

First whisk the egg lightly then add the milk and whisk again, then add flour, a spoon at a time. Mix after each addition of flour until all lumps are gone and mix resembles medium thick custard. From one egg you will make approximate (4) 9-10" thin sheets.

Step 2: Cooking the Food Sheet

We now have a pourable mix, it should not be watery or gloopy but a little thicker than pouring cream. If it is too thin, add a little more flour, if too thick a little water.

Take flat pan approx 12" in diameter place on medium heat. A seasoned or none-stick pan are the best choice -

Take a small amount of oil or butter and very very lightly coat the base of the pan - now when the pan is hot, elevate and tilt at a slight angle, pour a little mixture at the top of the pan and drizzle from left to right, until the base of the pan is covered with a sufficient amount of batter. (See Images)

We now place the pan on a medium heat and it will slowly dry and go darker in colour, after a few minutes it will start to lighten. Now we should be able to peel one edge, without tearing it! (See Images)

Now we can remove the whole sheet in the pan and flip it over. Cook two minutes both sides, turning every 30secs.

Step 3: Choice of Fillings and Food Left Overs

For a savoury filling we can use anything from Tuna & Cheese salt & pepper // Potatoe & Stew // Rice & Curry // Meats, Fish or any decent left overs.

For a sweet filling we can also use anything, Sliced Bananas with a mango purée and sliced strawberries and cream to serve, many combinations are possible. A good rule of thumb is to have the filling not too dry or too watery, in both sweet or savoury choices.

In my case I just mixed equal amounts of curry and rice into a medium mass - ( See Images) this way there is not too much liquid which would make it fragile........

Step 4: Filling and Sealing Parcel

Please refer to the images - places a few spoons of mix in the middle of the sheet.

Now fold one edge down (Top) next place some wet mix on (Right) edge and fold to the left, (Repeat this on opposite edge) then seal the bottom edge with wet mix and fold upwards. Until we have a square........

Step 5: Cooking the Food Parcel

Now where we have sealed the parcel, we face this side to the bottom with a little oil and cook on medium heat for 4 mins each side so the cold filling will heat sufficiently. After both sides look like the cover image.

Enjoy this versatile answer to, what should I cook tomorrow.........

Please Rate & Comment........... ;-)

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    inspecter gadget
    inspecter gadget

    3 years ago

    Heck - you have quite a menu there - when I get a chance I'm going to cook something ;-D

    inspecter gadget
    inspecter gadget

    3 years ago

    Thank you, it's a great way of representing left overs or even creating new meals. I remember when I would have Sunday roast, I nearly always requested extra batter puddings - I would then fill them with the apple sauce side relish - sooo good.


    3 years ago

    What a great foundational 'ible...the ideas are pouring into my head as I type. Thanks for sharing this!