Fried Ice Cream





Introduction: Fried Ice Cream

One night I got bored and decided to make fried ice cream. It is one of my favorite desserts, so I figured I should learn how to make it. It didn't take to long, only about an hour or so.

You will need:
Vanilla Ice Cream
Corn Flakes
Coconut Flakes
Chili Powder
Some cooking Oil
and a Candy thermometer

Step 1: Forming the Balls

You can only do this with your hands. Clean and wash them, then start scooping out ice cream. I wanted them fairly big,m so I tried to make them about plum sized. After they are done place back into freezer, they have to stay frozen solid or they won't fry. Keep them in there for about half an hour, on to the next steps.

Step 2: Making the "Crust"

Grab a bowl and fill it with about a cup of corn flakes. I crushed them by hand, but I bet it would work much better if you pour them into a bag and crush. Break the flakes down into small pieces, I kept a few odd ones for texture. Once you've reached your desired consistency add other ingredients. I put in about a half cup unpacked coconut, put more in if you like. Then about a teaspoon of cinnamon, I just went by sight. Lastly a pinch of chili powder, this gives it that little bit of spice.

Step 3: Assembly

Beat an egg in a small bowl. Pull out the ice cream balls from the freezer, hopefully they are solid. Roll each ball into egg, and then flake mixture. I repeated to make sure I had the entire ball covered. Back into the freezer till hard.

Step 4: Frying

Heat the oil in a pan, attach thermometer. Heat up to 375 degrees. I did some tests using tortillas, they tasted pretty good too. The tortillas also lowered the temperature, so keep that in mind. Take out solid ice cream balls from freezer. Carefully lower into oil with spoon. They cook really fast, make sure to flip them over if your pan is shallow. Take them out when they are a dark golden brown and crispy. Let them cool, and enjoy!
You can add syrup our whipped cream, I just ate them plain.



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    the egg binds everything together

    how cum you put them in egg ???????????????????

    My favorite fried food- deep fried pickles, I love them. I have only ever seen them one place though. Perfect bar food.

    Yes, man! You are the most right anyone's been since um, always! We know what cholesterol is, so let's fry it up & serve it with twice-battered fries!

    Yeah, baby, that's what I'm talking about! Oh, yeah, and while you're at it, throw some battery guts in there too!  ;)

    4 tsbns of salt. . .
    2 bars of butter. . .
    9 tsbns of sugar. . .
    5 AA battery guts. . .    :)
    tons of artificial color and flavor. . .

    Oh, yeah!