Fried Potato Dumplings(potato Bonda)

-Potato bonda is south indian snack perfect to eat as evening snack with some tea.

-potato dumplings are dipped in creamy gram flour batter and deep fried.

-when eaten hot they are very delicious.


-Boiled,peeled and mashed potato

-Green peas

- coriander seeds

- fennel seeds

- cumin seeds

- Mint leaves

- paprika

- turmeric

- Green chilli ginger paste

- coriander powder

- salt

- mango powder

- garam masala

- Gram flour(chick pea flour/besan)

- water

- cooking oil

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Step 1: Boil Potatoes

-Boil potatoes. peel and mash them.

Step 2: Next Step

-Take little oil in vessel add cumin seeds andd green peas. when peas are cooked add mashed potato

-Add spices turmeric,coriander powder,garam masala

Step 3: Add Remaining Spices

-Add mango powder,paprika and green chilli ginger paste and mint leaves.

Step 4: Add Lime Juice:

-soak coriander and fennel seeds in water for some time. Add this soaked coriander and fennel seeds and lime juice.

- Finally add salt and mix everything

Step 5: Prepare Gram Flour Batter

-Take gram flour( chick pea flour) in a bowl. Add red chilli powder,salt and mix.

-Add water and mix.Batter should not be too thick or too loose.

Step 6: Make Small Round Dumplings

-Make small round dumplings out of the potato mix.

- Dip the dumplings in gram flour batter so that dumplings are coated with batter.

Step 7: Fry

-Fry the potato dumplings until they turn light brown in color.

- serve hot with tomato sauce.

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