Fried Egg Lamp




My idea of a easter egg decoration derived from the fascination of the molecular level of eggwhite.
The eggwhite consists of 85% water and 15% protein called ovalbumin.
If you look at ovalbumin molecule visualisations you get images like that.

This molecules are constantly moving and unfold as you frie an egg.
So my idea was to make a fried egg lamp, and raster those molecules in the eggwhite,
so the light reflects what is actually going on in the eggwhite while frying.

Step 1: Prepare the Lamp Shape

Bake yourself a friedegg and make a nice photo from above.
Import the image to photoshop, erase the background and decorate the eggwhite with ovalbumin molecules.
convert the molecule layer to black and white and export it as a jpg.
make an outline of the fried egg and a circle for the yolk and import it to illustrator
trace the outline and make it red with stroke with 0.003 pt
you are ready for the laser cutter

Step 2: Laser Engraving and Cutting

I used 3mm transparent acryllic and the 3d mode on the laser to engrave the ovalbumin structures.
Then I laserd a little holder plate for the plafonier lamp fitting, screwed it in and glued it on the acryllic piece
For the egg yolk, I bought a transparent sphere from a decoration shop and painted it yellow and press fittet it in the lasered hole

Step 3: Finish

drill 2 holes in the wall, screw the lamp fitting on, screw in the holder plate while the bulb is in place already, screw the bulb in, done



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