Fried Eggs With No Pan




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A little experiment borne of boredom, I was considering making a fried egg for my sandwich and the pan looked so boring...

Oddly this experiment was an instant success and actually easier than using the pan on account of my oven hob's enthusiasm for heat, downside, I broke the yolk while cracking the egg, otherwise it'd have been much prettier.


Step 1: Things You'll Need...

Eh, not very much...

An egg
Some tinfoil
An oven hob, gas won't work here
A little cooking oil (less than usual, surprisingly...

Step 2: The General Idea

Eh, My thoughts on this were that as long as the surface was flat and oiled it should work, but cleaning the oven itself looked like a big job, so I put tinfoil on top and went from there.

Putting a little oil on the tinfoil and spreading it around is a good plan, I did but not widely enough, the edges stuck a tiny bit

Step 3: Cooking...

I went with firing up the hob at a lowish heat, though mine's a bit loopy so I can't go low enough to make perfect eggs.

The tinfoil doesn't really heat up much until something presses on it, so don't worry about that...

Step 4: Eggs

Crack the egg and drop it out over the hob, try not to break the yolk like I did, I was a bit over zealous...

Step 5: Cook...

Eh cook the egg and either slow cook all the way through or, if your oven's as gung ho as mine, slide the tinfoil to the side, put another bit on the hob and flip...

The result is surprisingly tasty eggs, probably because they tasted like egg and not the other stuff your pan may cook...

Step 6: Eat.

I'll be honest, anxious to test the results I took the egg off the foil and just stuff the whole thing in my mouth, it was good and it occurred to me that I might make eggs for sandwiches this way all the time...



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thats awesome. when i first saw it i thought it was gonna be somethin like a piece of foil covering a unraveled wire coat hanger with a lighter under it or somethin like that. lol. added to faves!

    1 reply

    Cheers panda, If you wanted you probably could do that, though the process would be slow, however you've just given me another idea, which falls in to the other bracket of thinking...

    Sensible - Totally stupid, no in between, thankfully impulsive sensible reactions are day saving, once in a blue moon though...


    If you're worried about burning the egg, double over the foil and make the bottom layer 'crinkled'.  You can also quickly roast corn on the cob in foil with butter added directly on the hot coals.  Turn often.

    The egg and foil should be held over the coals, as close as possible.  Aluminum melts at around 1220deg F, so if you want to rest it on the coals, put a layer of ash over them and let the heat go through the ash layer like an insulator.  OR, use a coat hanger as a makeshift stand.  Be creative  =)


    Ah, cheers for the info, I imagine a flattened tin from beans or the like would make and excellent plate for holding the foil on and keeping it from going alight...

    Also, you could probably cook with a forked stick and some foil stretched across to make a bit for the egg...