Fried Round Steak and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Depending on where you are round steak can be called Georgia round steak, NC round steak, Memphis round steak or whatever but its BOLOGNA! Yes bologna, that unimpressive lunchmeat from childhood. This technique gives it a whole new flavor profile

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Step 1: Lets Get What We're Going to Need

Most of the ingredients are probably in a large percentage of refrigerators at least here in the states.
 Bologna, thick slices are best, the prepack style Im using is about 1/4"
 Cheese, use what you like, velvetta just melts so nicely
margerine or butter
Bacon grease or other cooking oil
Hot Peppers
 You'll also need various utensils and a frying pan

Step 2: The Round Steak

Put your pan on the heat and add your bacon grease or other cooking oil, about half a teaspoon should be enough. Whil the pan heats put the bologna on a plate and add some BBQ sauce, flip it over a couple times to cover both sides then drop it in the hot pan

Step 3: The Beginning of the Sandwich

Nows the time to slice your cheese if needed or unwrap it or whatever. Butter or margerine one side of 2 pieces of bread

Step 4: Take It to the Heat

Once the bologna is browned to your liking, remove it from the pan. Lay a slice of bread butter side down in the pan and top it with the cooked round steak, add your peppers if your using them and then your cheese of choice, add the second slice of cheese, butter side UP and cover with a lid to keep in the heat and help promote the cheese melting

Step 5: Cooking Time

 The cooking time will vary depending on where you are, the type of stove and the size of the pan, your trying for a light to medium brown, do your first flip after about 3 minutes on medium heat. If its not brown enough, dont worry, you can flip it again when the other side is finished, replace the lid

Step 6: Serve

 Once both sides have browned to your liking, serve it up with a side of potato chips or whatever you choose

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    8 Discussions


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I hadn't thought about it until Lemonie commented about breading and deep frying, I still haven't attempted it, thank you for your suggestion

    spark master

    9 years ago on Step 1

    I do not ever filter my beccon greeease it actually tastes good in homefries, think BACON BITS. When I am done making bacon I take mine from freezer in very hot pan (gas is now off), I melt off the bottom of the hocky puck of frozen bacon drips intil it hits clean fat. I diligently srape all the bits loose and pour the fat back in the container when the container gets too full I lop off some of the top of the fat brick. the top part has pure bacon lard, the bottom 1/4 inch has lotsa goodies bacon "jimmies". I only really use bacon a lot in the summer (BLT's Rule)but it is yummy. I then take an extra statin drug and 1/2 of an extra blood pressure pill. enjoyed your instructable, but I did need an extra stain pill after reading it. sparkie


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      hhmmm Ive battered and deep fried cheeseburgers and even SPAM but never thought about battering and deep frying a grilled cheese after its been grilled, I might have to try that..  Ive used other meats than bologna when making this type sandwich, deli cut boiled ham, cooked salami, spam, it also works with leftovers like meatloaf, roast beef, chicken or turkey

     Thank you for commenting

    l8niteDoctor What

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    granted its NOT on my cardiologists list of recommended foods but sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself!!

     Thank you for commenting