Friendship Bracelet Headphones





Introduction: Friendship Bracelet Headphones

Most of you know friendship bracelets as the bracelets you would make for yourself or someone else as a child. I combined a friendship bracelet with headphones to have friendship bracelet headphones. This is just a fun idea to try during the summer or when you're bored.
Side Note- In the image, I didn't completely finish this project because I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow so I wanted to upload this project before I left.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
*2 or more embroidery flosses (depending on colors you would like)
* 1safety pin

Step 2: Steps

Step 1: Take your two embroidery flosses and tie them on the headphone bottom portion
Step 2: Pin the headphones to carpet or some other object that won't move
Step 3: Make a '4' shape with the pink (first color) string that you want to cross over the headphones and other string
Step 4: Take the pink floss and go underneath the headphones and white floss
Step 5: Pull the pink floss through itself and pull upwards
-You have your first knot!
Step 6: Repeat 'Steps 3-5' 5 times
Step 7: Switch over to the white floss and repeat 'Steps 3-5' 5 times
Step 8:Repeat this process until you reach the top portion of the headphones.
Once the headphones part: 
Step 6: Repeat steps 1-7 on each portion of headphone leading out the ear bit.

Then, you're finished!



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    13 Discussions

    Good way to get cats to stop biting through them.

    great idea I'm going to try this idea today

    you should specify on the lengths of floss needed. i took out about 6ft of each and made it halfway up my headphones before running out.

    I've been making & selling these for over a year now & they are a very popular item!

    I've been making & selling these for over a year now & they are a very popular item!

    I've been making & selling these for over a year now & they are a very popular item!

    I especially like this idea for repairs of older electronics... old radios, electric irons and things of that nature... the insulation on the metal wires was fabric, and over many decades that fiber can break down and fray; a fire hazard to say the least. Whenever I've replaced the wire with plastic insulated stuff I've always been a bit disappointed in the esthetics of this... but if I got some black n' light gray, or tan n' brown embroidery thread I think I could replicate the old look! very cool.