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Introduction: Friendship Bracelet - Nautical Knot

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I've seen this kind of bracelets in accessories stores with anchor charms or hearts. You can make your own with your favorite charm and color for just a fraction of the cost.

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Step 1: Materials

1 yard of thin rope. You can find it in the ribbon section of fabric stores.

2 jewelry closure clasps like these

1 lobster clasp like these

1 little charm

3 small jewelry rings

Jewelry pliers


Step 2: First Rope

Cut your rope in two and fold the first one in half. Work in a flat surface and make a loop with your first rope as shown in the second picture.

Step 3: Second Rope - Knot

Fold the other half of your rope in half too. Use the end that has the rope folded in half, not the one with the two ends.

Place it under the loop of the first rope with the second rope facing down. (Picture #1)

We're going to be working clockwise.

Now pass it over the next intersection and then under the next one (picture #2 and #3). Hold it and pass it under the first section of this same rope that you put first and over the first rope's loop (picture #5).

Step 4: Pull and Measure

Pull all the ends to make the knot tighter but do it carefully to keep all the ropes looking good.

Measure with your wrist holding one of the sides to the middle of your wrist with the knot behind your wrist.

Cut the ropes with this side and keep holding it for the next step.

Step 5: Closure Clasps

Place one of your closure clasps making sure all your 4 ropes are inside of it and press with your pliers very hard to hold all your strands.

Cut the other side and add the closure clasp as you did before.

Step 6: Ring

Put one of our jewelry rings in one of your closing clasps. Use your pliers to open and close it.

Step 7: Lobster Clasp

Put another of your rings in the lobster clasp and in the other side of your bracelet inside the hole of the closure clasp.

Step 8: Charm

Put your charm inside the last jewelry ring and put it in one of your strands. My charm says "Made with Love" but you can choose any you like.

This is a beautiful idea for a friendship bracelet and is very easy to make.

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