Friendship Wheel Bracelet



Introduction: Friendship Wheel Bracelet

This is a pattern I changed from the original Friendship Wheel Bracelet. It is quicker and easier. These are great for gifts or 'just because.'

Step 1: Gather Supplies

-friendship thread
-wheel (official, plastic, cardboard)
-*tape measure (optional)

Step 2: Pick 4 Colors

You can have as many colors as you want as long as you have 16 strands in the end. I find that 4 is the easiest way though.

Step 3: Cut

Measure or estimate about 48 in. of one color. Use this one to measure the rest of the colors. You need two of each color.

Step 4: Fold and Tie

Fold the strings over and tie the folded end.

Step 5: Place Strings

You should have 16 strings. Separate them into 4 groups. It does not matter where they go. This bracelet is made to look like random splashes of color. Place each group in a row with each group equally separated. 4 groups of 4.

Step 6: Move the Strings

Take the top right string, and bring it to the next open slot on the bottom right. The bottom group should have 5 strings.

Step 7: Move the Strings

Take the bottom left string and move it to the next open slot on the top left there should be 4 strings in each group.

Step 8: Turn the Wheel

Turn the wheel counter clockwise.

Step 9: Continue

Continue steps 6-8 until the bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist.

Step 10: Extra Notes

The strings will get tangled so you should comb them with your hands every once and a while.
Stretch the bracelet now and then to give it length. Although when you stretch it the string in the wheel may get loose. Make sure they are always tight.

Step 11: Cut

Thin the strings to make it easier to tie it. Cut about half of the strings on each end.

Step 12: Tie and Enjoy

Tie it and slide it on your wrist!

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